Product development

Design and functionality
The best tailor-made projects are born from the union between design and functionality.


We are used to listening. Only in this way can we understand the real needs of our customers and commit ourselves to meet those needs.

We evaluate the aesthetic and ergonomic needs of a product, with the careful eye of those who have experience in this area.

We propose possible technical and design solutions that best interpret the intrinsic characteristics and the expressive potential of the materials, also considering targets and the expected price.


We shape ideas
The prototype, the first step in evaluating and improving.

We first build a provisional model to evaluate dimensions, aesthetic comfort and functionality.

It is at this moment that the drawings come to life. To transform a project into reality you need experience and a thorough knowledge of the materials.

The prototype is an opportunity to evaluate, experiment with variations and improve the chair or table.

A reference sample, true also in the constructive details to what will be produced in series, is necessary to decide if the result is the expected one.


Between project and production
The transformations of individual materials into products.

After the prototyping phase, we are ready to start the industrialized production. This is the passage where the product takes its final shape.

Our experience and the partners we work with allow us to optimize production cycles even with minimum conflict.

Whether it is a single chair or a larger supply, the important thing is that it is made as desired, on time and within budget.

Materials and finishes

Choose from a vast selection
Wood, metal, plastic, fabrics and leather crafted to highlight the best features. 

We deal with a choice of materials to be used with the utmost care, in terms of quality, aesthetics, strength and value.

Each chair and table must comply with the increasingly higher standards expected for the furnishing of turnkey, hotel and naval environments.

The value of the materials and the workmanship is our precise commitment. Each one is designed and treated to last for a long time and make the product functional and easy to use, like an artisan product, but made with the most modern technology used in the sector.

We work wood such as beech, ash and oak but also steel, aluminum and plastic components with an infinite variety of coatings, finishes and accessories.

For solid or veneered wood, the classic wood colors and RAL or Pantone colors are available. The paints used are aniline, water, acrylic or polyurethane. Lacquering, on the other hand, can be glossy or opaque and can achieve customizable polishing levels upon request (Scala GLOS).

Even the metal offers the possibility to choose among many finishes. These can be: galvanic, chrome, chrome-satin, nickel, copper, brass, gold, liquid or powder-coated in all RAL or Pantone colors. Tints are available that reproduce the galvanic finishes with effects similar to the original but at an lesser cost.

Depending on the intended use, the chairs and tables are produced with different types of stainless steel. AISI 430 is used for indoor use, AISI 304 for outdoor use and AISI316 stainless steel for outdoor and products exposed to salt air. For chairs intended for the naval sector, a passivation process can be performed to increase resistance to corrosion. In addition to an upholstery service with fabrics and leathers supplied by customers, we have a wide choice of upholstery and we are also able to produce fabrics to design.