Frequently asked questions

QUESTION:  Can you make a customized product?

ANSWER: Of course. It’s our job! It is sufficient that you send a request via email with your references, the quatities and finishes required attaching a drawing in jpg, dwg, in a common image format or pdf.

QUESTION: How long does it take you to respond?

ANSWER: It depends on the completeness of the data we receive and on the complexity of the product.  Usually  we send the first feedback within a day. A more detailed evaluation is necessary for the estimate.

QUESTION: Is the estimate free?

ANSWER: Yes, the estimate is free if all the details are defined or are standard. If it is necessary to make drawings or renderings by our designers, a contribution may be requested. In this case, you will receive an estimate of the cost first.

QUESTION: Can you also take care of third-party production?

ANSWER: Yes, we regularly produce chairs and tables for our customers with their brand name. We also guarantee the exclusivity of the product, where required.

QUESTION:  Can we just buy a few chairs?

ANSWER: Yes, there are no limits for the Dynamica line items. For the other collections and custom-made products, we evaluate the best solution together with the customer.

QUESTION:  Do you have a catalog and a price list of your products?

ANSWER:  Yes, the Dynamica seating range is regularly produced and therefore available in the catalog. The conditions of sale change according to the quantity and regularity of purchase.

QUESTION:  What guarantees are there on the purchase?

ANSWER:  Two years from shipping due to manufacturing defects as per European legislation. Upon request, the warranty is extended for up to five years

QUESTION:  Can you organize an international shipping?

ANSWER:  Yes, we send chairs and tables all over the world, in collaboration with international shipments, which can also offer delivery to the customer

QUESTION: Which coatings and finishes can you use?

ANSWER: We usually work wood (generally beech, ash and oak), steel, iron, aluminum and plastic components, with an untold variety of coating, paint and possible accessories

For the naval sector we mainly use stainless steel AISI 316, if necessary with passivation treatment.

Wood is available for painting: acrylic, polyurethane, water, aniline and lacquering with customizable polishing levels on request (GLOS Scale).The colors are the classic wood effect and the RAL or Pantone colors.

The metal can have galvanic finishes, chrome, chrome-satin, nickel, copper, brass-plated, gilded, with liquid or powder coating in all RAL or Pantone colors. There are also colors that reproduce the galvanic finishes at a lower cost

The coverings are made of genuine leather, faux leather, leather, regenerated leather  or fabrics such as chenille, Alcantara, velvet, wool, microfiber and Treviva fabrics.