Chairs and tables

Producers for passion
Because we like our work and we know how to do it well.
prodotti su misura

Chairs and tables are our core business.

Concepts by Braida, operates in Manzano, North- East of Italy, in the heart of the production of Italian chairs.

In addition to our collections, with clean and elegant lines, that express the Italian design spirit, we offer our experience to design, develop and produce tailor-made items.

Our specialty is the turnkey product area but we are flexible enough to even offer a small series production service at advantageous prices.

Thanks to the collaboration with over 600 productive partners in the territory, we are a reliable point of reference in the world of chairs for public spaces, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, ships, libraries, universities and bars.



Customer satisfaction, our satisfaction

Quality chairs and tables are the result of the values we practice
  We want to help renew local tradition and make it grow so that it has a future. We want to leave something of value to the next generation. We need ingenuity to solve customer requests and craft work to make products as they wish. But this is our job and we like it. 

Lorenzo Braida

Studio prototipi 


The choice that makes the difference
A right perspective with respect to the development of the international market. An element of distinction to earn the trust of customers
flusso di lavoro

ISO 9001

"Concepts by Braida" has achieved the ISO 9001 certification, for the quality of the
company processes. The ISO 9001 standard is internationally recognized as a base for a
continuous improvement. This choise is confirming the attention towards the
satisfaction of our customer's expectations.


attenzione all'ambiente


The "Concepts by Braida" chairs have obtained the Mobelfakta (Scandinavia) certification for quality, respect for the environment and social responsibility. They are manufactured according to ethical guidelines, which guarantee both materials and finished products.

Marchio FSC


Forest Stewardship Council is the most accredited forest certification system in the world, for the number of certificates issued, rigor in the application of certification criteria and companies involved. Responsible forest management respects the environment, is socially useful and economically sustainable.

"Concepts by Braida" uses FSC certified wood for chairs and tables.



Laboratorio di test CATAS


Safety, resistance and durability of raw materials and "Concepts by Braida" products are certified by CATAS. It is a test laboratory accredited according to UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 (No. 0027). A technical reference point, born in the "Chair District", to satisfy the needs of local companies producing chairs and furnishing elements, which now has a European significance.



The "Concepts by Braida" upholstered chairs produced for hotels in Italy, are 1IM certified for fire resistance, in compliance with UNI 9175 and UNI 9175 / FA1 standards.

Upon request, a service is available for the preparation of documents and the acquisition of 1IM approval for specific supplies.

Criteri ambientali minimi


The "Concepts by Braida" chairs meet the requirements of the CAM, minimum environmental criteria. They are designed to facilitate the disassembly and recovery of individual materials. They have a reduced environmental impact and are achieved with an eco-design approach.


Produce responsibly
We are sensitive to the issues of sustainability and the environment. We feel responsible towards
nature and the community.


To extend the life of our chairs on some products, we offer the possibility of maintaining the structure and replacing only the seat or vice versa.


We do not delocalize our production processes because we want to maintain competence, a real wealth for this territory and a resource for its inhabitants.                                                                                                                         


We prefer zero-kilometer production, creating all the processes that take us from the project to the delivery within the "Chair District".



We prefer the cycles of painting wood to water, for a lower environmental impact and greater wellbeing of users. The surfaces become more natural and pleasant to the touch.


amore a prima vista
in Friuli, ricco di boschi, l’uso del legno ha radici profonde, che affondano nella storia 
Colline friulane

"Concepts by Braida" lives in a territory whose craft and industrial vocation has always been expressed in the construction of furnishing solutions.

In Friuli, rich in forestland, the use of wood has deep roots that sink into history. Chairs and tables are only one of the possible forms, in which skilled craft hands have been able to forge local wood.

The skill of working wood has joined the popular stuffing activity, already practiced in Roman times, giving rise to the tradition of the production of chairs, which has made Friuli known all over the world.

Even today in the region, there are two industrial districts, the "furniture district" and the "chair district", a testimony of the past and a sign of innovation and development for the future.


Thanks to Mr. Alessandro Beltrame and Mr. Giuliano Aita, to the municipality of Manzano, to Mr. Lucio Zamò and to the publishing house “Edizioni Tiglio” for their kindness and willingness to authorize the pubblication of part of the photographic material contained in the book “Manzano, suggestioni di un territorio” (Manzano, the beauties of a territory).