Tailor-made is our standard
Hundreds of models and variants for turnkey products, Horeca and naval. 
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Our flagship service: listening and meeting customer needs.

We provide the designers, architects and the expertise of the technicians and craftsmen who work with us, to adapt our seating to the needs of your project or to make products to design, providing the technical advice and the necessary support to find the right combination between design and comfort, within budget.

In recent years we have made hundreds of different chairs and tables. We have so many variations to meet the demands of turnkey products, hotel and naval sector, that we have gained the experience necessary to accompany the customer in every phase of the process, from development to delivery.
We shape ideas, idealizing chairs that meet the standards of resistance, functionality and aesthetics required by the market.


Simplicity is the result of the journey
We like to simplify. Also the work of others, when it is possible.

A rational logistics service involves reducing costs of the environmental impact of the entire production cycle.

Upon request, we can coordinate the collection of products from different suppliers in a single warehouse, so that the goods are subsequently sent in a single shipment. This allows the customer to simplify transport operations and reduce shipping costs.

Our staff is able to recommend the most convenient logistics solutions, based on specific needs and the destination.

We carry out international transport with delivery to the customer's warehouse or directly to the end user, with competitive times and rates.

We also supply raw or disassembled products which is a real advantage for the client regarding the price of transport and on any import customs duties.


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Post sales

clarity, speed, tranquility/ease
Satisfy customers. The road to success.

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This is why we take a specific and concrete commitment with our buyers: to find a satisfactory and timely solution to any unexpected event. The value of “Concepts by Braida” is in its people and in its reputation. We are committed to having customers excited to work with us, with whom to build lasting relationships

To provide real support to our international customers, we have created a technical assistance service that responds in six languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Czech.

We practice a culture of respect with our employees, partners and customers, so we stick to our commitments regarding supplies, deadlines, exclusives and budgets. Our suppliers provide a two-year warranty on manufacturing defects, in line with European legislation. Upon request, it is possible to extend the warranty for up to five years.