Soft, like Concepts by Braida’s seatings

Soft chairs, armchairs and sofas: in the name of comfort

The Soft collection is Concepts by Braida’s proposal which aims to combine comfort and design in the contract sector.
Chairs, small armchairs, armchairs, upholstered sofas, conceived in order to furnish with style hotels, lounge zones, halls, waiting rooms, restaurants, offices, public places.
Soft is made in Italy.

Soft, like Concepts by Braida’s seatings

Winding and welcoming forms: this is the distinctive of Concepts by Braida’s seatings belonging to the Soft collection. They are destined to the spaces where comfort and design are important.
Whether it is collocated in a lounge zone, in a room or in a restaurant, the Soft seating offers a moment of beauty and relaxation. 

The comfortable line for the contract sector

The Concepts by Braida’s seatings, belonging to the Soft collection,  represent the perfect synthesis between ergonomics, comfort and design.

The Soft collection has been conceived in order to offer several furnishing solutions, all of them extremely comfortable. 

In fact, the Soft collection is composed by a wide range of chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs, armchairs, sofas. A complete catalogue for furnishing hotels, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms or libraries, that is to say places where people seat down for quite a long time.

The products of the Soft collection are designed and made in Italy, in the Italian chair district. The harmonious shapes, the care for details, the wide range of variations and the customization are the outcome of the best tradition of the made in Italy.

These products have shells made in cold cure polyurethane foam, which can be matched with a wide range of metal and wooden frames.

The wooden and metal frames have various shapes.
The metal frames can have a round metal plate and a central column, a 4-star base, or a sledge base in rod.
The wooden frames are available in the 4 leg version or in the 4-star version with a central base. All the versions with the central base are swiveling.

But the real strength of Concepts by Braida’s Soft seatings is  the customization.
The upholstery is available in thousands of variations: leather, artificial leather, fabrics, which confer each model a strong personality. The price range is competitive thanks to Concepts by Braida’s cooperation with several partners and suppliers. 

Moreover the metal or wooden components have customized finishes and it is also possible to produce ad hoc frames upon request.

There is as well the possibility of producing fire retardant models, suitable for the public places, certified 1IM by the Catas.
The Soft collection can be FSC certified as well.

Small armchairs and armchairs Soft, the queens of each space

They are perfect for recreating a living room area for conversation in an open space; they are ideal for giving shape to spaces dedicated to the relaxation; they are indispensable for making a room important.

The Soft collection armchairs and small armchairs are available in several models and infinite finishes, that can match different styles and different kinds of furniture.

The armchairs have generous dimensions, the seat is wide and comfortable, like the backrest and the upholstered armrests. These armchairs are destined to hotel rooms, lounge zones, receptions, public spaces.

The small armchairs, with their reduced dimensions, guarantee the same seating comfort, with a smaller encumbrance. They are the best solution for hotel rooms, waiting rooms, receptions and slow food restaurants, where time and food are precious resources to savour. 


Prestige and Queen

Among the armchairs of the Soft collection, the model Prestige is characterized by a backrest which is 1,15 meters high: you can lay on it and feel almost enveloped.
The armrests are highly comfortable thanks to their generous dimensions.  The combination with the pouf completes the armchair’s use and functionality.
The name describes it best: a prestigious armchair, which gives value to the environment and to the people who sit on it. We can easily imagine  it in representative offices, in superior hotel rooms, in hotel suites, or in important public places.

This armchair offers a feeling of comfort and protection, as well as a feeling of privacy, that is why it gives you the idea of recreating private spaces even in public places.
The model Queen from the Soft collection starts from the same concept of the Prestige armchair, but it goes further, achieving a more rounded shape.
It is a lounge chair conceived for waiting areas, halls, meeting rooms. It completes the room’s furniture and defines its image. A stylish, elegant and welcoming detail. 

If you would like to see the Queen armchairs, set in one of our most recent realizations, have a look at the reference of the INTERNATIONAL BEACH HOTEL in Lignano

The design of both models, Prestige and Queen, is refined and contemporary, appropriate to offer a starting point for stimulating conversations, in a comfortable situation.

Designed in order to meet the requirements of the contract sector, these armchairs can be included in several locations, for example

    • lounge armchair for hotels,
    • armchair with pouf for the hotel spaces and reception,
    • armchair for the office,
    • armchair for executive rooms,
    • design armchair for rooms.

In general, they are appropriate for all the spaces which aim to offer  elegant and stylish hospitality.

Nora, one armchair three variations

The Soft collection is composed by versatile seatings, studied in order to become the main character in spaces which can be very different the one from the other.
Especially Nora is a family of armchairs available in three heights for the backrest. An invitation to take a seat and to find a little comfort area for the body and the soul.
The armchair has a contemporary design, it is enveloping, convivial, appropriate for conversations or informal meetings.

The seats have been designed in order to offer a relaxing sitting together with the backrest’s support.
The different heights of the backrest are one of the characteristics of the Nora armchairs and define their use:

    • low backrest for offices, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants;
    • medium backrest for rooms, lounge zones, hotel halls, receptions;
    • high backrest for living rooms, rooms, lounge zones.

Concepts by Braida’s Soft seatings are chairs, armchairs, sofas with a modern and contemporary design, matching perfectly also with the pieces of furniture with a traditional design.
The strength of this versatility is the customization that makes these  seatings suitable for the contract sector, for hotels, restaurants, public spaces, commercial space, offices.

Discover all the seatings from the Soft collection.